1. Ann Hall MD went to Medical College of Georgia in Augusta and did her residency in pediatrics at Children's Hospital at Richmond Memorial, Columbia South Caroline. She was in the Air Force and she's no nonsense.

2. John DiTraglia MD did his residency in pediatrics at Emory University Hospitals in Atlanta, Georgia and a fellowship in ambulatory pediatrics at Baylor University Hospitals in Houston, Texas. He wasn't in the Air Force. He definitely is some nonsense.

3. Kori Smith engaged to be Kori Coleman is our newest nurse

4. Leigh Ann Hosinger is allergic to computers and they are allergic to her.

5. Kim Evans grows a big garden every summer and keeps us supplied with tomatoes and cucumbers and peppers.

6. Sarah Kaltenbach CNP has to leave work when one of her daughters pukes at school because her husband won't.

7. Nicole Brown our new nurse practitioner just had baby number two.

8. Anita Murray doesn't do anything at our office.